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Undone (Start Up in the City) SKU (002009-15)

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SKU (002009-15)

Undone (Start Up in the City) SKU (002009-15)

Description:The only vow she’s ever been prepared to make is not to say “I do”

Running a major tech company without breaking a sweat? No problem. But being bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding is giving Jess Cohen a bad case of the jitters. Maybe that’s because she’ll have to face the groom’s brother, Jake—the man she’s been avoiding for the last two years. Jake, who Jess dumped mercilessly, unable to tell him the truth about her past. Jake, who’s loyal, loving and all wrong for someone who refuses to be tied down. If only Jess’s heart could remember that.

ISBN-13: 9781335014078

ISBN-10: 1335014071

Author: Rimmer, Kelly

Edition: Original

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: HQN

Published: February 2020