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Peekaboo!: A First Pop-Up Book SKU (002007-15)

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SKU (002007-15)

Peekaboo!: A First Pop-Up Book SKU (002007-15)

Description: A reissue of the first pop-up book ever published by Knopf, Peekaboo! combines a simple concept, charming illustrations, and basic mechanical engineering to create a pop-up book featuring baby’s favorite game—Peekaboo, I See You!.

The question “Where’s Mommy?” begins this simple and completely engaging pop-up book. Turn the page, and Mommy pops up from under the covers, shouting “Peekaboo!” Daddy joins in the fun when he pops up from behind his newspaper. A jack-in-the-box, the family dog, and a three-dimensional surprise pop up in this adorable and universally favorite baby game!

Unavailable for several years, Peekaboo! is a perfect first pop-up book for babies.

ISBN-13: 9780394871424

ISBN-10: 0394871421

Author: Price, Mathew

Edition: Pop

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Published: January 2004