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Langenscheidt's Pocket Crossword Puzzle Dictionary SKU (002005-4)

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SKU (002005-4)

Langenscheidt's Pocket Crossword Puzzle Dictionary SKU (002005-4)

Description:Five letters. Begins with C. Ends with T. Means impress your friends, family, and colleagues. Go ahead. Cheat a little. Find the word that's keeping you from finishing that puzzle. That's keeping you from the glory, the self-satisfaction, the gloating, Comprehensive and easy-to-use this handy reference will help you solve even the most vexing puzzles.

ISBN-13: 9780887292156

ISBN-10: 0887292151

Author: Langenscheidt

Binding: Turtleback

Publisher: Langenscheidt Pub Inc

Published: October 2000