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Book The Trials of Apollo Book Four The Tyrant's Tomb Rick Riordan SKU 002011-7

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SKU 002011-7


PRODUCT TITLE: The Trials of the Apollo Book Four The Tyrant's Tomb SKU 002011-7

DESCRIPTION: April 8th, According to the hideous driver's license my father, Zeus, saddles me with when he changed me from the awesome god Apollo to the pathetic mortal Lester, that's my new birthday. The same day the emperors Caligula and Commodus plan to attack Camp Jupiter, the training ground for Roman demigods. Oh, and did I mention it's also the blood moon, when an evil king intends to unleash his army of the undead upon us, too? And the guest of honor it the Cumaean Sibyl, who an ax to grind with(on) me. It promises to be a bash everyone will want to miss, Especially me.

ISBN 978-148474644-8

AUTHOR: Rick Riordan

BINDING: Hardcover

PUBLISHER: Disney-Hyperion

PUBLISHED: First Edition, September 2019