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Book Persuader a Jack Reacher Novel Lee Child SKU 002008-7

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SKU 002008-7


PRODUCT TITLE: Book Persuader a Jack Reacher Novel Lee Child SKU 002008-7

DESCRIPTION: Jack Reacher lives for the moment. Without a Home. Without commitment, And with a burning desire to right wrongs - and rewrite his own agonizing past. DEA agent Susan Duffy is living for the future, knowing that she has made a terrible mistake by putting one of her own female agents into a death trap within a heavily guarded Maine mansion.

Staging a brilliant ruse, Reacher hurtles into the dark heart of a vast criminal enterprise Trying to rescue an agent whose time is running out, Reacher enters a crime lord's waterfront fortress. There he will fins a world of secrecy and violence - and confront some unfinished business from his past.

ISBN 978-0-440-24598-8

AUTHOR: Lee Child

BINDING: Paperback

PUBLISHER: Dell A division of Random House



Pre-owned. The spine has ben bent, has a bent page that was over sized on corner and folded down at publishing.