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Book Law Of gravity Stephen Horn SKU 002008-18

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SKU 002008-18


PRODUCT TITLE: Book Law Of Gravity Stephen Horn SKU 002008-18

DESCRIPTION: Washington lawyer Philip Berkley was on the fast track, until scandal and personal tragedy brought him down. Left shattered and haunted, he now has a chance to make afresh start. An aide to Senator Warren Young, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has vanished and may be a spy-an eventuality that could destroy Young's plans for a White House run. And when Berkley's investigation into the disappearance uncovers a corpse, everyone wants the matter quickly closed-except Philip Berkley. A broken man of integrity with nothing left to lose, he's following a twisted trail of secrets. betrayal, corruption. and brutal murder that winds through the darkest shadows of Washington power. And he won't rest until the whole truth is revealed, no matter who is determined to stop him . . . and how far the are willing to go.

ISBN 0-06-109876-0

AUTHOR: Stephen Horn

BINDING: Paperback

PUBLISHER: Harper Torch a trademark of Harper Collins Publishers Inc.



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