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Book A Justified Murder SKU 002009-21

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SKU 002009-21


PRODUCT TITLE: Book A Justified Murder SKU 002009-21

DESCRIPTION: The small town of Lachlan, Florida was recently rocker when two bodies were uncovered in the roots of a fallen tree. Despite their lack of experience, Sara Medlar; her niece, Kate: and Jack Wyatt Found themselves working together to reveal the truth behind a decades-old-secret. After a narrow escape, the vowed to never again involve themselves in something in something so dangerous-until Janet Beeson is murdered.

Everyone is shocked by the violence of the attack. The sweet little old woman has been shot, stabbed and poisoned, but no one can imagine who would want to harm one of the town's kindest, most helpful residents.

Sara, Kate and Jack are determined to leave this case to the professionals. But they are soon bombarded by towns people eager to clear their names with the trio who solved the Morris murders. Even the sheriff is hoping they'll their skills to a crime that seems to have no explanation. And once the town gets talking, they begin to see that there are more secrets buried in quiet Lachlan than anyone could have imagined...

ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-6097-1

AUTHOR: Jude Deveraux

BINDING: Paperback


PUBLISHED: Harlequin Books S.A.