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Beachside Beginnings: A Moonlight Harbor Novel SKU (002009-20)

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SKU (002009-20)

Beachside Beginnings: A Moonlight Harbor Novel SKU (002009-20)

Description:Moira Wellman has always loved makeovers—helping women find their most beautiful selves. Funny how it’s taken her five years with her abusive boyfriend, Lang, to realize she needs a life makeover. When Moira finally gets the courage to leave Lang, the beachside town of Moonlight Harbor is the perfect place to start over.

Soon Moira is right at home, working at Waves Salon, making new friends and helping her clients find new confidence. When she meets a handsome police officer, she’s more than willing to give him a free haircut. Maybe even her heart. But is she really ready for romance after Lang? And what if her new friend is in hot pursuit of that same cop? This is worse than a bad perm.

ISBN-13: 9780778360896

ISBN-10: 077836089X

Author: Roberts, Sheila

Edition: Original

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: MIRA

Published: April 2020