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Alex Alligator and His Fearsome Jaws (Snappy Head Books) SKU (002007-2)

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SKU (002007-2)

Alex Alligator and His Fearsome Jaws (Snappy Head Books) SKU (002007-2)

Description: Young readers will get a kick out of snapping open the mouth of the plastic animal head attached to each book, then letting it close with a SNAP!

In Alex Alligator and his Fearsome Jaws, Alex Alligator is proud -- as any alligator would be -- of his fearsome jaws and big teeth. He doesn't understand why the other creatures along the riverbank don't admire them too! Children can SNIP-SNAP along with the story and discover how Alex finally finds some

ISBN-13: 9781575841748

ISBN-10: 1575841746

Author: Flemming, Paul

Edition: Reissue

Binding: Board book

Publisher: Reader's Digest

Published: January 1998

CONBDITION: Fair. Book shows lots of wear on back cover.